Residential Roofers Liability Insurance

Obtaining good residential roofing liability insurance comes with the territory of being a roofer. As risky as your business is, you not only have to have the protection, you have to review it each year to make sure it keeps up with any changes you may experience in your company.

Plus, it’s good business to make sure your general liability (GL) insurance addresses the exposures and risks experienced by your profession. Ideally, it needs to be part of a program that was designed for roofers.

Costs Roofer GL Covers

The following expenses will generally be paid for by your GL policy:
  • Settlements agreed to by your team, the judge and the plaintiff
  • Judgments determined by the court
  • Most reasonable expenses incurred for defending your case (court costs, attorney’s fees, etc.)
  • Any time spent to defend your case that takes you away from your job
  • Court-requested bond premium

Individuals GL Covers

GL covers a pretty broad swath of people. Really, anyone who does any tasks in your business for you is covered under GL. In addition to you and any partners you may have, all employees are covered no matter what duties as long as they are performing them for your firm and you authorized it.

Roofer GL Coverages

Bodily Injury: Loss of services expenses, medical costs, emergency care, doctor’s visits and other related bills incurred by an individual injured on your premises or inadvertently by your company associates will be paid for under BI.

Property Damage: When another’s property is damaged and can no longer be used, PD will pay for those losses.

Products and Completed Operations: If the material you use for a roof you worked on turns out to be faulty and causes damages, it will be taken care of. This also includes any damage resulting from poor workmanship.

Medical Payments: The key part of this coverage is that medical payments are usually paid out immediately, no matter who is at fault. The limits are low (normally $5,000 to $10,000).

Personal and Advertising Injury: This little known protection will come into play if through your business advertising, you libel or slander or otherwise harm the reputation of another. Copyright infringement is another thing this section will pay out on.

Damage to Premises Rented to You: If you happen to inadvertently damage property that you lease or rent, you will be covered for that.