Photographer Liability Insurance

Photographers provide popular services to their customers. Whether you operate a photography studio that people visit for services, or you travel around to photo shoots and locations as requested, your days are busy and your responsibilities are high. Photographers must keep their customers happy, work within tight schedules, produce excellent products and still have time for the day to day administrative duties. To grow your company you must stay on top of everything at all times, and protect yourself from potential risks and hazards. General liability insurance for photographers helps with that.

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Bodily Injury Coverage

A photography studio is sometimes littered with cables, cords and light stands. When you’re working at a specific location there are also many pieces of your business that can pose hazardous to your clients. If a client is injured physically at your business premises or around your remote work location, they may sue your company. General liability insurance for photographers includes bodily injury coverage to limit the potential financial fallout when these accidents occur. It pays for the customer’s medical bills and related treatments for the injuries.

Property Damage Coverage

Some accidents do not physically harm anyone personally, but they cause property damages instead. If one of your studio lights causes an electrical short at a wedding reception hall for example, your company may be held responsible for paying to have those damages repaired. General liability insurance for photographers includes property damages coverage to pay for issues of this sort when they arise.

Products And Completed Operations Coverage

Sometimes problems arise after you have sold a product or provided photography services. A customer may purchase photo frames from you and later claim that the finish on those frames made them extremely ill. General liability insurance for photographers includes products and completed operations protection for potential problems. It pays for your legal defense costs and can pay for the injuries or damages to customers as applicable.

Personal And Advertising Injury

Personal and advertising injury protection is another form of protection provided for in your general liability insurance policy. A customer may file a lawsuit against you with claims that you used their photos for commercial purposes without the proper release forms for example. Personal injury claims may involve allegations of slander or character defamation.

Damage To Premises Rented To You

If your photography studio is operated from a rented or leased location, the owner of that property might require you to have rental premises damage protection. General liability insurance for photographers can provide this coverage for you. Damage to premises rented to you is direct protection for the building, structure or business space that your company leases or rents. If you cause damages, such as an electrical shortage or fire, this insurance pays for the costs to make repairs.

Medical Expense Limit

General liability insurance for photographers can include medical expense limit coverage. This portion of your insurance policy pays for minor injuries caused by small accidents, even when you are not at fault for the accident or injury. Paying small claims can help you to avoid larger disputes or legal actions later.

Limits Of Liability Insurance

  • Each Occurrence – General liability insurance limits the maximum amount of benefits it will pay per person for each claim or occurrence.
  • General Aggregate – The combined maximum total coverage available on your general liability insurance policy is known as the general aggregate amount. When this limit is reached, no additional claims can be paid.