Medical Malpractice Insurance for Pediatricians

Pediatricians are a new parent’s hero and a serious resource for seasoned parents and grandparents alike. Your customers put a great deal of trust into you when their children or grandchildren are sick, or simply need to get a wellness checkup. Disgruntled patient family members may unfortunately bring legal actions against you if they feel you have made a professional mistake. Protect yourself from this risk by carrying pediatricians malpractice insurance.

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Pediatricians professional liability insurance protects you from lawsuits that make claims about mistakes you have made. Also known as Malpractice Insurance, this coverage helps prevent you from suffering the severe financial burdens that can arise when lawsuits are filed. Whether you are actually at fault for the alleged mistakes or not, you will have to spend time and money defending against the claims.

If, for example, a child is brought to your offices with the symptoms of a general cold you are likely to treat them and advise the parents of care until the child is better. Later, those parents may sue your company with the claim that their child actually had the flu and that you missed important symptoms. Whether that is the case or not, the existence of the lawsuit means that you will have to spend money and time defending yourself against those claims. With pediatricians Malpractice coverage, you will not be left to handle those expenses on your own.

Your pediatricians professional liability policy can be configured to provide for the cost of your legal expenses when lawsuits arise. It can also reimburse you for income losses due to time off work while in the court room, and it can pay for settlements, awards or judgments to patients when applicable.