Overcoming the Risks of a Fire Sprinkler Contractor

Yours is a rewarding business. You save lives, protect property and provide peace of mind.

But how much peace of mind do you have?

These are just two of the concerns that you have:

Water Supply: In the fire protection business, the available water must meet the requirements of an adequate supply. Adequate means that the supply of water has to have the ability to meet the pressure and rate of flow requirements that meet the highest fire protection system’s demand.

As far as for being reliable, the system must use a body of water (redundant water supplies like lakes or rivers are best) as well as have a dependable means to deliver water pressure when needed. Reliability means that everything works despite freeze and drought conditions, mechanical snafus and other unforeseen situations.

Failure of Operation: When a fire suppression system fails to operate as designed, physical damages related to property can range in the hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. Not to mention the tragedy that occurs if a life is lost. In any loss situation, it’s usually the company that sold, serviced and/or provided routine inspections for the equipment that gets scrutinized. Your company can be blamed and rack up excessive legal fees. This can be especially unfair if your firm is found not to be liable.

In particular, if you’re a sole proprietor, your business could be at substantial risk should a lawsuit be filed against you.

To protect yourself against this the best recourse is good, solid insurance from a reputable insurer that will be there for you in your time of need.

USA Business Insurance Brings You Peace Of Mind

As dedicated business insurers, USA Business Insurance provides customized general liability insurance for fire sprinkler contractors, fire equipment distributors, fire extinguisher sales/ service companies and fire alarm companies. This includes any small, medium or large-sized companies that are involved with the automated fire sprinkler industry.

Liability insurance is the most vital protection. However, there are other coverages you need to consider: Workers Compensation, Commercial Auto, Commercial Inland Marine, Umbrella/Excess Liability and Errors and Omissions. A thoughtful, efficient combination of these will provide you, your business and your employees with all of the protection necessary.

Contact USA Insurance today to receive trusted advice and the benefit of expert knowledge of the insurance industry especially as it pertains to the business you are in.