Organic Restaurant Insurance

The organic food industry has topped $29 billion and has been growing at a rate of about 11% per year. No one seems to be surprised by this growth, considering that organic food has become increasingly common in restaurants. If you own an eatery that serves organic food, you can protect your business by getting organic restaurant insurance. Before you get a quote for a policy of this kind, find out what kind of coverage to expect from it.

General Liability

Owning a restaurant means you welcome customers from all walks of life every day, and this can be an exciting part of the business. But it’s also risky, because the more people who visit your property, the more chances there are that you’ll be sued after they hurt themselves. If you want to avoid worrying about this possibility, make sure you have organic restaurant insurance with general liability.

This coverage is meant to pay for medical treatment when customers get hurt while visiting your restaurant. Whether they trip over a chair or cut themselves on broken glass, you will be responsible for paying their medical bills. You will also have to pay for any property damage they might experience, such as tire damage from a pothole in your parking lot. Fortunately, the liability coverage included in your organic restaurant insurance will cover these costs. It will also pay for your legal fees if you ever have to defend yourself against allegations of copyright infringement, slander, or libel.

Business Owners (BOP)

If you cannot afford to pay for repairs to your restaurant after a fire, storm, or vandalism damages it, then you need a BOP. That’s because this portion of your business insurance will pay to repair your building after it is damaged, and it will replace any of its content when necessary. Just a few other losses that the BOP covers are forgery or alteration, sewer and drain backup, and accounts receivable.

Commercial Auto

If you offer delivery at your organic restaurant, you need commercial auto insurance for any of your drivers. Even if you just drive to pick up food to cook at your restaurant, you need commercial auto insurance when you are performing errands for your eatery. Even if you have the best personal auto insurance possible, it will not cover an accident that you cause while you are driving for business.

Workers Comp

For a restaurant to run smoothly, it needs a whole team of employees who are passionate about what they do. But those employees need to feel supported by their boss. One way to ensure this is to have workers comp. This coverage protects them in case they are ever injured while working at your restaurant. If a dishwasher cuts his or her hand on broken glass or a bartender slips on a wet floor, workers comp will pay for the medical treatment. It might even pay for lost wages during the recovery period. This can be a relief for not just the employee, but also you, since you would likely have to pay out of pocket without workers comp.

Liquor Liability

When you serve liquor, you are responsible for making sure your patrons are drinking safely. This means that if you over serve someone and he or she causes a car accident on the way home, you could be sued. This is why you need to include liquor liability in your business insurance.