Leaky Roofs and Lawsuits

In the first two situations below, the roofing company is being sued. In the third one, the customer is beginning in small claims court with the idea of suing if that doesn’t work. These situations all occurred within the last four years:

  • In Lisbon, Ohio’s new court building, the roof began leaking right after it was installed. It caused damage to the interior of the building. The lawsuit filed by city commissioners claimed defective installation. In addition to the roofing company, the suit named the metal roof manufacturer, the surety bond insurer and the project architect.
  • Over the last three years, Los Banos Junior High students in Los Banos, CA, have formed bucket brigades to catch rain water leaking from the roofs covering the school building. The school superintendent stated that the school puts a 10-year warranty in place for any construction project. The general contractor and the roofing contractor are being sued for breach of contract and negligence in installing the roof.
  • In Little Rock, AR, a homeowner has a leaky roof after spending hundreds of dollars for repairs to it. She pulls out pots and pans and puts them on the floor to catch the water when it rains to protect the inside of her home from damage. Then, one piece after another, the roof began to crumble and fall.

Unfortunately, whether it’s your fault or not, these situations are an all too common occurrence in your business.

Looking For A Roofers Insurance Program

Whether you do commercial, residential single family homes, apartments and condos, hot tar roofing, roofing service and repairs or reroofs, you need to be armed against the possibilities suggested above as well as other business risks. The best way to do that is with a solid roofer’s insurance program. Things to look for when seeking an insurer are to:

  • Get the security of a highly rated insurance company who will be there for you.
  • Make sure there is 24-hour claims service.
  • Look for easy payment options and low down payments.
  • Obtain online quotes.
  • Find a company that pays real attention to detail and customer service.
  • Seek out an insurer who is familiar with insuring businesses, especially roofers.

Consider Roofing Coverage From USA Business Insurance

A good roofer’s insurance program consists of general liability, auto, property and workers compensation policies that integrate with each other. Contact USA Business Insurance today for an affordable, complete program to insure your roofing business.