Insurance for Golf Courses & Country Clubs

Golf courses and country clubs are excellent businesses to own, because your primary clientele isn’t likely to be affected heavily by downturns in the economy. Companies and individuals alike enjoy spending relaxation time on the putting greens and having meetings inside the club house. As the owner of the course and club, it’s your responsibility to keep your customers happy while also keeping everything safe. Protect your company with the appropriate types and levels of business insurance coverage.

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General Liability

General liability is a very important type of broad level insurance for small businesses. It’s base function is to help protect your company from day to day risks or hazards. It also protects your company financially if a customer sustains physical injuries in relation to your company and products, or if they file legal allegations of harm or wrongdoing. General liability insurance is so useful as a base level of coverage because it protects you from events that can arise even when you’d never thought of them in advance. It provides protection for day to day risks that are not specifically excluded according to your contract. This coverage also expands so that it grows with your business. If you add a new golf course location or country club service, your business insurance will automatically cover those expansions from the start. The primary ways a general liability policy helps protect your company includes:

General Liability Insurance Includes:
  • Premises Liability – Premises liability is an important part of the general liability insurance you carry for your golf course and country club, because you have so many people on the premises each day. With increased foot traffic comes an increased possibility of accidents. Some accidents that your customers have may be considered the fault of your company, and as such your company can be liable for the damages. Premises insurance protects you from having to pay those damages by paying them for you. It pays customers medical bills and recovery expenses when accidents happen on your business premises. It also pays for the cost of repairs if your customer’s personal property is damaged while at your golf course or country club.
  • Products Liability – When you sell products to your customers or to the general public, your company is at risk of facing legal action if one of the products is found to be defective. Defective products can cause harm to the people who buy them, and they may sue your company what that happens. Products liability is a section of your general liability insurance that helps protect you from the legal expenses that arise due to litigation. It also pays for the customer’s injuries or damages, pays settlements and awards, and pays for pain and suffering.
  • Completed Operations – When you provide services for your clients, they may sue your company after the fact. If your customer’s feel that the services you provided injured or harmed them in some way, they will want restitution. The completed operations portion of your general liability insurance helps pay for injuries and damages while also providing for your legal defense costs.

Business Owners Policy

Another type of very useful insurance for small businesses is a business owners policy, or BOP. This coverage provides you with general liability coverage automatically, while also helping to protect your business assets directly. A BOP protects your tangible business assets, such as the country club furnishings, and your intangible assets such as digital membership lists. Business owners policies are highly customizable, and this helps because you can pick and choose only the specific types of coverage your company needs. Examples include:

  • Buildings and Contents
  • Business Income and Extra Expense
  • Electronic Data
  • Newly Acquired or Constructed Buildings
  • Employee Dishonesty Coverage

Business Auto Insurance

When you and your country club or golf course employees must drive for business reasons, your company needs protection in the form of a business auto insurance policy. Increased business driving increases the chances of someone being involved in an auto accident. Paying for physical injuries and property damages that are caused in an accident can be extremely expensive. A business auto insurance policy can pay for the majority of those expenses instead. With the right configuration, this insurance also helps protect your company from losses caused by uninsured motorists, hit and run accidents, theft, fire and other common risks.

Workers Comp

Workers comp insurance is required by law in most states, so that your employees are protected from harm. If an employee sustains injuries on the job, workers comp will pay for their medical care expenses and for their recovery.

Commercial Umbrella

A commercial umbrella policy provides extra coverage for your golf course or country club. If you reach the maximum payout limits of your other business insurance policies, an umbrella policy can provide additional protection.