What Does General Liability Insurance Not Cover?

General Liability (GL) insurance is a mandatory coverage for your fire sprinkler contracting business. It protects you from bodily injury and property damage claims in three ways:

Premises Liability

While most of your work occurs at client locations, you still have an office and maybe even a warehouse or grounds to park company vehicles. If anything happens to anyone on your premises, you will be covered.

Products Liability

You probably sell and install products for your customers. If a sprinkler proves to be faulty which in turn causes property damage and/or injury, this will cover the costs of any claims.

Completed Operations

If a customer has a problem with your work after you have completed it and it has been paid for, this portion of your liability insurance will cover any claims that arise.

What GL does not Cover

Intangible Property

This means that property damage coverage does not extend to intangible property like computer data stored in a fire sprinkler alarm system that gets corrupted.

Economic Harm

If your products or services cause economic harm to your clients that causes them to lose sales or their own customers because of something you did, it is not covered by a typical GL business policy.

Impaired Property

Most GL policies exclude tangible property that is rendered useless because it contains your product. Said another way, if what is wrong with another product is that your defective product is part of it, that is not covered.

Product Recall

Another exclusion is coverage for costs related to recalling defective products (a defective sprinkler for example).

Professional Services

Most GL policies have a professional liability exclusion. This means that you are not covered from any errors and/or omissions you may have unintentionally made.

USA Insurance Will Make Sure You’re Covered

USA Insurance is committed to providing liability for your fire protection business. This includes providing customized general liability insurance for:

  • Fire sprinkler contractors
  • Fire equipment distributors
  • Fire extinguisher sales/ service companies
  • Fire alarm companies
  • Any small, medium or large-sized companies that are involved with the automated fire sprinkler industry.

A protective combination of other coverages such as business auto and workers compensation will provide you, your business and your employees with all of the protection you need.

Contact USA Insurance today for more information on how we can set you up with the peace of mind a good insurance program can bring.