Fire Sprinkler Contractor Insurance Coverages

As an expert at what you do, you are probably familiar with fire codes in your service area, NFPA 25 and the latest sprinkler alarm technology. You also know all too well, the exposure and risks that are inherent in your business. This includes malfunctioning sprinklers just when they need to be fully operational, faulty equipment and sub-par installation.

To protect yourself from the potential of severe financial loss because of lawsuits (whether you’re at fault or not), you need dependable commercial insurance specifically designed for fire sprinkler contractors —an insurance program that contemplates the unique risks of your business.

But what kind of insurance is that? General liability and workers compensation may be coverages you’re familiar with. What are some of the others?

Commercial Auto: Your personal auto insurance will not cover you or an employee if a personal vehicle is driven for work. Commercial or business auto covers your vehicles and drivers when they are on the job. Its coverages are similar to your personal auto policy.

Professional Liability: This coverage will protect you if you make an error or are shown to be negligent while performing your work. It is different than general liability in that general liability covers you for any injuries or property damage that happens on your premises. These two policies are very different.

Property Insurance: This insurance will cover you for loss or damage to what’s called your real property (your buildings) and business personal property. This is usually provided on a replacement cost as opposed to an actual cost basis.

Business Income: If your business is damaged to the point where it cannot function, this coverage will provide you with income while you are getting your enterprise back in shape.

Computers and Communications Equipment: Called an additional coverage, this pays out in the event your equipment is damaged or ruined.

Workers Compensation: This is required by law every state depending on how many employees you have, how they are designated (employer or contractor) and in some cases how many hours they work.

General Liability: As suggested above, general liability is similar to homeowner’s liability in that it covers you in case any bodily injury or property damage occurs on your premises.

USA Insurance For Fire Sprinkler Contractors

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