Make Sure your Roofers Coverage is there when the Hail Storms Hit

Consider this hail storm activity:

  • In May of 2010, in Oklahoma City, two major hailstorms separated by less than a week caused an estimated $1 billion in damages.
  • In July of 2010, in Calgary, Canada, hailstorms caused insurable damages of at least $400 million excluding agricultural crop damage.
  • Also in July of 2010, in South Dakota, the largest hailstone of all time, which measured 7.87 inches (larger than a bowling ball) and weighing almost two pounds fell in the town of Vivian.
  • In April of 2012, St. Louis experienced hailstorm activity that resulted in an estimated $1.6 billion in insured losses.
  • Baseball to softball-sized hail pounded Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, in June of 2012 causing estimated damages of approximately $900 million.

Many, if not all of these losses resulted in insurance claims. In fact, it’s to payout for these types of losses that insurance exists in the first place.

As a roofing contractor, you’re the ones who will be repairing the damages to the roofs caused by these horrific storms. To get involved in fixing roofs after hailstorms, it’s important that you are armed with the best insurance available. This includes workers compensationgeneral liability, property and commercial auto.

You want to find insurance that provides just the right balance between great protection and affordable costs. This means you will have to perform due diligence to select the best insurer for your company. Below are some questions you might ask:

How reputable are they? Check and see if the company is rated well by A.M. Best or Moody’s. These are firms that rate insurance (and other) companies based in part on their financial stability.

Do they offer a tailored program? A general liability policy that is a business contractor one-size-fits-all may not work for your company. Your profession has risks and exposures that a plumber does not have. The policy should reflect that.

Are they responsive? When you need assistance, are they there for you? You will need someone to explain the sometimes complex language insurance policies are often written in to make sure you’re protected for every situation that may arise.

Consider Roofing Coverage From USA Business Insurance

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