Medical Care

Regardless of the precautions you take and the safety features in place, accidents can happen in factories and they can cause your workers to become injured or sick. With workers compensation for your factory, you will be able to pay the costs of any reasonable medical expenses that arise in these situations. This could include hospitalization, diagnostic tests, prescriptions, doctor visits, and rehabilitation. Your employee is entitled to any treatment that an attending physician deems necessary. These costs can pile up quickly, which is what makes business insurance with workers comp so important.

First Aid Treatment

First aid is included in the types of medical care that your injured employees are entitled to. Your factory workers compensation covers even the minor costs associated with simple first aid. As minor as the incident is, a report must be filed in most states. However, you do have the option to pay the cost of first aid rather than resorting to your insurance. Filing a claim can sometimes cost more in the long run that simply paying for the minor treatment.

Temporary Disability

If an incident in the factory causes an employee to be hurt or made sick to the extent that they cannot return to work three days later, they are entitled to receive temporary disability. These payments come from the workers compensation that you hold for your factory and is designed to give your employee the wages lost from being unfit to work. Typically, two-thirds of wages are given until the worker can resume the job, is deemed permanently disabled by a physician, or up to a maximum amount of time that is set by workers compensation law. Currently, two years is the maximum for most types of injuries, although some specified accidents carry a four year maximum.

Permanent Disability

If a treating physician determines that an employee at your factory has been injured or made ill to the extent that they can never return to the job, permanent disability kicks in. This worker may have already been receiving temporary disability payments, but as soon as the permanent designation is made, a new agreement must be reached. Your factory’s workers compensation insurance covers these payments as well. The amount of permanent disability that your employee is entitled to depends on several things like their age, the type of accident, the extent of the injury or sickness, and their ability to earn a wage in any field of work. A maximum amount is set by law and the employee may receive it as either a one-time lump sum or as a series of payments.

Death Benefits

Your workers compensation for your factory will also help with payments in the extreme event that a worker dies on the job or as the result of being hurt at work. Your insurance covers reasonable burial expenses as well as compensation for the employee’s dependents.