Catering Truck Insurance

Owning catering truck is a business that allows you to be independent. You are able to move your primary sales tools and products to new locations as needed when business slows. This independency allows you to offer your goods and services to customers where ever they may be, and it helps to improve the profits for your company. Owning a business comes with many responsibilities that can be stressful. One way to help ease your load is to carry general liability insurance for catering trucks.

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Bodily Injury Coverage

When a customer is injured at your business location – whether in a retail location or in the area your catering truck is currently servicing – they may sue your company for the harm. Bodily injury is the part of your general liability insurance policy that protects you from these risks. It pays for medical treatment expenses such as a hospital visit, doctor’s care and prescription medications when someone is harmed at your company location.

Property Damage Coverage

Property damage coverage also protects your customers when they are at your business location. If their personal property is damaged in some way while they’re there, this section of your general liability insurance will pay for the property to be repaired or replaced. If, for example, your catering truck awning falls and damages a customer’s vehicle. This insurance protection will pay for the vehicle to be fixed.

Products And Completed Operations Coverage

Your catering truck sells products to customers. When you sell products there is always the small risk that something will be wrong with one of those products. If customers become ill or sustain physical harm from products that you have sold, your products and completed operations coverage is in place to protect you and them. This area of your general liability insurance pays for medical expenses related to problems caused by products you’ve sold, or services that you have rendered.

Personal And Advertising Injury

Personal and advertising injury protects your catering truck company if someone makes legal claims against you for other types of harm. If, for example, one of your product suppliers claims that you used their slogan or logo in your advertising copy without their permission, they will sue your company. Claims of slander, libel, defamation, copyright violation and related allegations fall into this section of your general liability insurance policy.

Damage To Premises Rented To You

Your catering truck business may rent or lease business space, such as a warehouse or store room. Before you can lease or rent business space, the owner of the property may require you to have rental premises damage protection. This section of your general liability insurance policy provides direct protection for the property that your company leases or rents. If you start a fire or cause other damage to the property, this part of your insurance pays for the losses.

Medical Expense Limit

Medical expenses limit insurance is similar to bodily injuries with a couple of key differences. It can come into play when someone receives physical injuries at your business premises, but it can be used even if you are not at fault for the injuries that the person sustained. This coverage is a way to pay for minor injuries and the related expenses without having to admit fault. It helps your company prevent larger legal settlements or claims in the future.

Limits Of Liability Insurance

  • Each Occurrence – This is the maximum limit that your general liability insurance pays for each claim per person.
  • General Aggregate – This is the total combined amount of coverage your policy will provide, regardless of how many individual claims there may be.