Medical Office Business Insurance

As a successful Family Practitioner, your medical offices are a hub of ongoing activity each and every day. Your business thrives by offering affordable, expert medical services to families. Our business strives to help you succeed in yours by offering just the right types of commercial insurance coverage to protect you and your clients.

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General Liability

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Property Coverage

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Malpractice Insurance

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Workers Compensation

General Liability For Medical Office

All family practioners need general liability insurance coverage. This business insurance protects your medical offices and your clients from unexpected events. General liability covers general, unplanned for accidents that may not be covered with your other business insurance. General liability protects you from the cost of lawsuits filed due to accidents or injuries. If a child falls off of the exam room table for example, general liability covers potential damages that may arise from the incident.

General liability can protect you from day to day hazards such as a client injuring herself in your offices. It also protects you if a client’s property is damaged while on your premises as well.

This comprehensive small business insurance provides personal and advertising liability coverage as well. If you or one of your employees is accused of slander or liable for example, or there is a claim against content used in your advertising copy, general liability covers your company from the potential damages.

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

Business owners insurance is particularly important for modern day family practitioners. Your medical offices contain specialized equipment that is expensive to replace if it is damaged. A business owners policy, or BOP, covers your medical office buildings and the contents that are inside. If you use specialized laptop computers and software for example, and they are damaged from a power surge, BOP will cover the cost of replacement.

A family practitioner’s office may have sonogram machines, heart monitoring devices and expensive children’s medication on the premises at any given time. If these items were lost in a fire, flood or other disaster the cost of replacing them can bankrupt the business. BOP covers these as well as valuable papers you may have in the office, and important electronic data files on your computers.

Professional Liability Or Malpractice Insurance

Errors and omissions happen when things get busy. Professional liability insurance protects you if you make a mistake. It protects your medical office if an employee accidentally omits important information as well.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your medical office provides mobile health care services, business auto insurance covers you, your staff and your equipment if there is an accident. Business auto insurance can be comprehensive or just cover collisions. It can replace or repair company vehicles that are involved in accidents and it can reimburse you for lost equipment. Commercial auto coverage also pays any associated medical bills for employees who are involved in an accident on company time.

Workers Compensation Insurance For Medical Offices

Workers compensation insurance is required by law in all fifty states. This business insurance protects your medical offices from getting sued if an employee is injured. Workers comp also pays an injured employees associated medical bills, and provides disability and lost income when the situation warrants.


Surety bonds guarantee your work. If you want to be the primary family practitioner choice for a local government office for example, you may have to guarantee your services. A surety bond will help you provide that guarantee. With it you can assure your client that you will provide a specific level of service or a specific cost. If you do not meet the obligations you agreed to in your contract, the surety bond pays your client damages.

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