Insurance for Laser Eye Surgery Centers

Medical professionals must juggle patient care with business sense. As the owner of a laser eye surgery center you get all the highs and lows. Patients love you for bringing back their eyesight. When business problems arise, employees bring it to you for handling. You improve your client’s vision and you direct the company’s vision at the same time. Small business insurance helps you focus on your vision by protecting you and your assets in times of trouble.

General Liability

Protect your company from financial ruin caused by small accidents. If a customer is injured while in your offices, general liability will take care of the damages. Likewise if the customer’s property is damaged on the premises, general liability covers that as well.

General liability is a comprehensive insurance policy that covers most potential hazards in your business. Customers can have allergic reactions to medications you use in your eye center. They may feel as if your advertising was mis-leading or harmful in some way. They may return with complaints or problems after your treatment is completed. These and other issues are covered by general liability insurance.

Business Owners Policy (Bop)

A business owners policy, or BOP, includes the comprehensive coverage of general liability and adds several other levels of protection. Business owners insurance is specifically designed to help small businesses like yours protect themselves from the financial hardships caused by the loss of assets.

BOP covers your physical business structures and equipment for example. If your laser eye center offices are destroyed in a fire or flood, BOP covers the cost of replacement. Your operating equipment, furniture and other important assets inside of the business structure are also covered. If they are damaged or destroyed, the cost of replacing everything completely on your own might drive you bankrupt. BOP protects you from that potential instead.

BOP also helps protect intangible business assets. The specialized computer software that you use for your eye surgery procedures or analysis for example, can be damaged from a power surge or computer virus. Electronic patient records are expensive to reconstruct or replace as well. BOP protects you from these losses among many others.

Professional Liability

Medical professionals are held to very high performance standards. Professional liability insurance, also known as malpractice insurance, protects you if you make mistakes. If you make mistakes that cause your client’s financial harm, malpractice insurance coverage pays for the damages.

Commercial Auto

If your eye center uses automobiles for business purposes, protect them with commercial auto insurance. Whether you drive to medical conventions or to meet with suppliers, business auto insurance covers damages and loss caused by accidents.

Commercial auto insurance can cover rental and personal vehicles if they are involved in an accident while being used for business purposes. It also covers medical and emergency care expenses for anyone injured in an accident.

Workers Compensation

All of the employees your laser eye center has on staff must be covered by workers comp insurance. This is required by law. Workers comp pays your employee’s medical expenses if they are injured while working.