Workers Compensation Insurance for Barber Shops

Medical Care

For the people who work in your barber shop, workers compensation is the part of your business insurance that covers their medical costs if they are injured on the job. Any illness or injury that occurs during the course of business is covered and expenses for reasonable medical treatment may include visits with a doctor, hospital stays, diagnostics, treatments, and rehabilitation.

First Aid Treatment

If an employee is injured in your barber shop, workers compensation covers their medical care costs. But, if they simply need minor first aid, the consequences of making a claim on your insurance may be greater than the cost of care. In some states, you, as the owner of the business are allowed to cover first aid costs yourself rather than through your workers compensation insurance. It may be beneficial to do this, as minor injuries may require only minimal, inexpensive first aid. Paying for it yourself can be less hassle, and in the long run, less expensive that making a claim.

Temporary Disability

If one of your barbers or other staff members is injured in the shop and cannot return to work within three days, they become eligible for temporary disability. Your barber shop workers compensation will cover these types of claims as long as the employee’s inability to work is backed up by a physician. Benefits typically cover around two-thirds of the employee’s wages for up to two years or the maximum set by current workers compensation laws. Certain illnesses or injuries may pay out temporary disability for up to four years.

Permanent Disability

With more severe workplace injuries, your employee may become permanently disabled and may be unable to return to work at all. This designation, as with temporary disability must be verified by a physician. The workers compensation for your barber shop will cover costs for this scenario as well. The amount or percentage of wages that your disabled worker is entitled to receive depends upon a number of factors such as their diminished ability to earn a living in the future, the severity of the illness or injury, the date on which the accident occurred, the employees age when injured, and the occupation that worker held at the time of the injury or onset of illness. The injured worker may choose to receive compensation as payments every two weeks or as a lump sum settlement.

Death Benefits

In the worst case accident scenario, you may have an employee die on the job or as the result of an injury or accident that occurred in your shop. In this case, your barber shop workers compensation insurance can help to cover the costs associated with reasonable burial expense. The maximum pay out for burials is set by law. Any dependents of the worker may also be entitled to benefits depending on how dependent they were on the deceased and how many there are.