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Hot Dog Vendors
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Hot Dog Vendors

Hot dog vendors own or operate their business from a unique perspective. It’s common to use a mobile vending cart to operate the business from for example, but some hot dog vendors may operate from a stationary retail location instead. Whether your business is mobile or not however, you still have all of the regular responsibilities to your customers and employees. Business insurance is designed to help you meet those obligations and ease a bit of worry and stress that goes with running a business.

General Liability

General liability insurance provides with a wide variety of basic business insurance protection. This coverage helps prevent your hot dog vending company from losing a lot of money when accidents happen. General liability protects you from even those accidents or hazards that you might not think of in advance, because it covers most things as long as they’re not specifically excluded on your policy.

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General Liability Insurance Includes:

Business Owners Policy

A business owners policy (BOP) includes general liability while providing your hot dog vendor business with additional small business coverage. This insurance is customizable to fit your hot dog vendor needs, and it primarily protects you from financial hardships caused by the loss of tangible or intangible business assets. Examples of coverage options include:

Business Auto

Business auto insurance helps protect your hot dog vendor company when auto accidents happen. The cost of paying for bodily injuries and property damages can cause your company to go bankrupt. Auto insurance coverage takes care of these expenses for you and can provide additional protection against fire, theft and other potential risks or hazards.

Workers Comp

If your hot dog vending business employs people, you are required by law to carry workers comp insurance. This coverage is designed to protect your employees if they are ever injured on the job. Workers compensation pays for the employees medical bills, and pays for prescription medications and related recovery costs.

Commercial Umbrella

Commercial umbrella coverage provides you with extra protection. If your other business insurance policies reach their maximum payout limits because of an accident, the umbrella policy can take care of extra expenses.

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