Oh… This is Why I Pay for Good Fire Sprinkler Contractor’s Insurance

Sometimes when you’re paying that insurance premium, it can feel painful. Then, you read about or even imagine what actually could go wrong with your business.

Consider These Three Scenarios:

  • Hotel operators sue a fire sprinkler installer because their fire sprinklers malfunctioned and caused water damage to ceiling’s walls, floors, furniture and more.
  • A school has a fire during a period of time where no one is in the building. The fire sprinklers do not go off resulting in a near total loss to the structure. Who’s responsible for this? The installer? The manufacturer?
  • Your company also does annual inspections at a local shopping center. The strip was sprinklered but the overhang of the exterior did not have sprinkler protection. While the inspector made notes outside of the scope of NFPA 25, he never commented on the fact that the overhang of the building was not sprinklered.

A fire began outside of the building, traveled up the overhang and ended up on the roof. Your company is sued because it was viewed as the expert but did not report the lack of sprinklering.

And that’s just three scenarios. Who knows how much money any problem could end up costing you. No matter how careful you are, it seems like any type of situation could blindside you, causing a lawsuit that might just be financially catastrophic to the business you so painstakingly built up.

You simply have to have great insurance in addition to good business practices in all aspects of your company.

Fill All Gaps

A knowledgeable insurance professional will make sure three things happen:

  • You have an insurance program that is tailored to the fire sprinkler business.
  • That every potential liability possible is thought about and covered – and that all coverage gaps are accounted for.
  • The insurance protection you receive is affordable while protecting you to the maximum.

USA Business Insurance

USA Business Insurance insures fire sprinkler businesses with a program that is designed for the particular risks that come with what you do. Contractor’s equipment, miscellaneous tools, computer equipment and other coverage gaps are taken care of, liability limits are carefully discussed. What you will receive will be affordable business insurance that will protect you against an unforeseen catastrophe.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation discussion about your insurance. It might just save your business.