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During the third quarter, commercial insurance rates increased by 3.2%, a drop from the 5% hike observed in the second quarter, as revealed in a recent MarketScout Corp. study.

The sectors that witnessed the highest growth were commercial property at 9%, cyber liability at 8%, commercial auto at 7%, and general liability recording a 6.3% surge, based on the study’s findings.

Rates for business interruption, business owners policies, and umbrella/excess coverage grew by 5%. Increases were also noted in inland marine coverage (4%), professional liability (3.3%), and directors and officers liability (3%).

While fiduciary, crime, and surety coverages experienced a modest rise of 1%, workers compensation remained unchanged, as stated by MarketScout.

In terms of account sizes, medium accounts ranging from $25,001 to $250,000 and large accounts from $250,001 to $1 million saw a 4.3% rise. Accounts valued up to $25,000 increased by 4%, whereas jumbo accounts exceeding $1 million grew by 3.3%.

Sector-wise, transportation topped with a 6% increase. Manufacturing and habitational both climbed 3.7%, whereas contracting and service sectors increased by 3%. The growth rate for public entity insurance stood at 2.6%, and for energy, it was 2%, as per the report’s data.

The report highlighted that all categories, based on industry and account size, experienced rate moderation during this third quarter.


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