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Florist Errors and Omission Insurance


Florist Errors and Omission Insurance

Errors and omissions insurance is also known as professional liability coverage. This insurance is designed to protect your clients and customers from harm that is caused by professional mistakes you make.

Many small businesses assume that only doctors, accountants, financial advisors and other licensed or regulated professionals are the only ones who need to carry . In reality however, many other types of businesses need this coverage as well because their customers see them as an advisor.

As a Florist, your customers expect you to provide them with guidance and advice about the plants and flowers they purchase from you. If you fail to inform them about potential danger or harm, they can sue your company for the damages caused.

For example, let’s say you sell an Oleander plant to a customer. You forget to tell the customer that the plant is poisonous to pets. Your customer raises award winning poodles, and one of them chews on the plant and dies. That customer could sue you for neglecting to warn them that the plant is dangerous to have around animals.

Since you are a professional florist, your customers assume you have much more knowledge about plants and flowers than they do. Because of this, they trust you to keep them, their pets, their loved ones and their household environment safe.  If you neglect to mention particular problems with plants or flowers you sell, your clients can suffer from harm or loss due to those omissions.

The same concept applies to professional errors. If you make a mistake in floral deliveries and end up sending black roses to a wedding and wedding bouquets to a birthday party, your customers will be very unhappy with the mix up. If the wedding customer feels that you have ruined their special day, they may sue you for damages or pain and suffering.

When clients sue you for mistakes and omissions of this sort, it can become very expensive. In some cases the cost of legal defense and settlements may bankrupt your company. Purchasing errors and omissions insurance coverage can protect you from severe financial losses that might arise when mistakes like this are made.