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Insurance For Land Surveyors

Land surveyors offer business services that are always in need. Owning this type of business allows you to have a flexible work schedule. Sometimes you’re in the office taking care of paperwork, sometimes you’re at the county courthouse researching property records, and sometimes you’re traveling to remote areas to evaluate and mark property boundaries and terrain. While this level of business activity variation can be enjoyable, it can also bring potential risks. Protect your land surveyor company with the right types of business insurance.

General Liability Coverage For Land Surveyors

General liability insurance protects you from regular and occasional hazards and risks. This business insurance protects you by preventing you from suffering severe financial hardships when accidents arise. This coverage is also designed to protect your customers so that they’re not left paying the bills on their own if they are harmed by your company. General liability breaks down into several key areas, such as:

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General Liability Insurance Includes:

Business Owners Policy

A business owners policy, or BOP, includes general liability coverage along with other levels of protection. A BOP provides you with direct protection for your business assets. This insurance is customizable, and can include coverage for tangible or intangible business assets. For example:

Business Auto Coverage

Business auto insurance protects your land surveyor company when auto accidents happen. It can pay for physical injuries and property damages, plus additional levels of coverage can protect your vehicles from losses due to theft and fire, or damages caused by natural events.

Workers Compensation Insurance

If your surveying company employs other people, you are mandated by law to protect them with workers comp insurance. This protects them if they are ever injured on the job, by paying for the medical bills and other recovery expenses that arise from the accident.

Commercial Umbrella Policy

Umbrella insurance gives your company extra protection over and above the limits of your other policies. If your other business insurance policies reach their maximum limitations on a claim, your umbrella policy can take care of the difference.

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