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Camera Store Insurance

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Camera stores are like toy stores for photography buffs. Your camera store may cater to high end, professional photographer clients or it may carry cameras and accessories that appeal to hobbyists, beginners and professionals alike. You may have chosen to open a camera store because of your own love for photography. Whether you operate your store directly or you choose to let a manager take care of the day to day operations, as the owner there are many aspects of the business that you must take care of yourself. One important area you must take care of is making sure you have the right business insurance coverage.

General Liability

General liability insurance is the first line of defense for your business against day to day accidents, risks and hazards. This insurance provides your company with a broad level of base coverage for common problems or unexpected events. It helps protect your company both financially and legally if customers take legal actions against your business. General liability also expands as your company does, so if you decide to add a new camera store location then it is automatically covered by your current policy. Other ways this insurance protects your business includes:

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Other Coverages

Photographer Insurance
General Liability Insurance Includes:

Business Owners Policy

You can get general liability insurance automatically as part of another level of protection called a BOP, or business owners insurance policy. A business owners policy is popular for small businesses because it provides them with a way to directly protect from losses of business assets. Your BOP can protect you from financial problems caused by the loss of tangible assets for example, such as your camera store inventory. It also protects you against losses of intangible assets such as your store’s camera calibration software. You can customize your BOP so that it only provides the coverage you need. Examples of options can include:

Business Auto Insurance

When you must drive for a business reason, such as visiting one of your camera store suppliers, you are at risk of having an auto accident. If you also have employees who drive for business reasons then those risks are increased. Protect your company from potential financial losses caused by auto accidents by carrying business auto insurance. This coverage pays for the medical expenses when someone is injured in an accident. It also pays for repairs to property that gets damaged. With additional options it can also protect you from losses caused by theft, fire, hit and run accidents and related auto risks.

Workers Comp

If you have employees at your camera store, you must also have workers comp insurance. This coverage is mandated by law in most states, so that your employees are protected in the event that they have an accident on the job. Workers comp insurance pays for the employee’s medical care that is caused by on the job injuries. It also pays for recovery and related expenses that arise.

Commercial Umbrella

Commercial umbrella insurance provides your camera store with extra business insurance beyond the maximum limits of your other policies.

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